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Exercises For Women In Arthritis

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Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in mid and late age that has a considerable impact on the quality of life. Arthritis is found to be slightly more common in women than men. Women are more likely to be disabled or receive medical services than men among the people with arthritis.

Lack of exercises and sedentary lifestyle can make the joints even more painful, stiff and reduces the overall activity in arthritic woman. These symptoms can be reduced only with regular exercise and life style modification like weight loss, assistive devices and appropriate foot wears.
Women who are doing regular exercises are found to be more active in their routine than the women who prefer rest in arthritis.

Even doing a walk daily helps to lubricate the joints so an arthritic woman should walk a little daily within the limits of pain. Although walking is good for arthritis but it is not enough so exercises are also important for the management of arthritis. Exercises help to reduce pain, improve the mobility, strengthen the muscles, build the endurance and improve the functions of the affected joints. Exercises to be performed depend on the type of arthritis and the joints that are involved. These include range of motion, strengthening and aerobic exercises.

  • Free active range of motion exercises play a great role in relieving pain by increasing the circulation and motion in the affected joints.
  • Strengthening exercises are added to improve the strength of muscles. These exercises can be performed with the help of therabands, weights or pulleys depending upon the ability. Always remember never put more energy than your ability.
  • Aerobic exercises improve the overall fitness of the women with arthritis. Low impact aerobic exercises are very beneficial in arthritis like walking, recumbent cycling and swimming.
  • Start slowly in the beginning. Gradually increase the duration and repetitions of the exercises. Exercises should be performed with slow movements. Even a moderate exercise can help to decrease the arthritic symptoms and improve the fitness of the patient. Always do gentle warm up before starting exercises. Take break in between if needed.

    You can consult a physiotherapist who will assess you and help to plan an exercise program for you depending upon the requirement of your joints.

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