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Physiotherapist in Udaipur

Physiotherapy helps people who are struggling with pain and severe injuries to make movement and everyday living easier. For these best Physiotherapist in Udaipur at Krsna physio plus provide treatment to patients through a series of therapies that are customized as per the specific requirements of clients.

Aimed at providing patients comprehensive, high quality, and professional physiotherapy treatments and rehabilitation comprehensive, Krsna Physio Plus has opened its branch in Udaipur also. It is having some of the best Physiotherapist in Udaipur with it, who are engaged in providing treatments to patients with various advanced technologies.

Physiotherapist in Udaipur at our centre treats every individual patient with utmost care and dedication. Our centre is well equipped with various advanced technologies and equipment.

Moreover, we are supported by the efficient team of three well-known Physiotherapist in Udaipur Dr. Ravi Sahauta – A very well-known complex trauma surgeon and Orthopaedician, Dr. Dharm Pal Sharma – an ex-Air force Physio trainer, and Dr. Parmila Sharma.

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