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Our Physiotherapist in Gurgaon is the oldest in the organization. Krsna Physio Plus began with a vision of bringing wellness to people, apart from restoring good health to people who have been suffering from diverse dysfunctionalities. After all, injuries aren’t things that happen to only sportspersons on the field.

They can happen to anyone, anywhere. From the relatively innocuous catching your ankle on the leg of a desk or table, to the more dangerous falls — from the stairs, in the washroom, from vehicles, slipping on banana peel — to the sudden jerks your spine and neck suffer while traveling on potholed roads; there are more ways to sustain injuries that can be listed conveniently.

It is your highly experienced physiotherapist in Gurgaon who would be better able to diagnose what might be making it impossible for you to crane your neck, or pick articles off the floor, or simply kneel before your own deity.

Sports-Related Injuries Could Happen to Anyone

It could be just that badminton match on a winter evening, or an office football match. Before you realize what is happening you’ve pulled a back muscle or your hamstring. In fact, playing tug-of-war in colleges and office parties is fraught with the risk of a rotator cuff injury. Cricketers diving to save that boundary, or a footballer diving to wring a penalty, risk injuring their shoulders, and spine.

It is that savvy physiotherapist in Gurgaon who would know how the injury occurred as well as what remedial actions are needed to undo the damage done to ligaments and muscles. If a fracture has laid up you or a family member for a prolonged period, then muscles atrophy, i.e. they wear away. Physiotherapy makes the crucial difference in how well the bones and muscles regain strength.

Retraining Muscles After Major Surgery or Stroke

Sometimes, the body needs to be reminded of what it is capable of. When your physiotherapist in Gurgaon takes charge, that is the cue for you to re-learn how to stand without toppling over, and walk again. For elderly patients, those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and those crippled by arthritis might find sitting down in a low chair or getting out of bed a challenge.

Such patients benefit significantly from physiotherapy. In such cases, you would need either rehabilitative or maintenance physiotherapy. The latter is important for those whose temporary disabilities like being unable to maintain their balance when seated, or whose mobility issues have been addressed. The maintenance physiotherapy prevents lapses while ensuring a measure of restored functionality in extreme cases.

Non-invasive Method of Treatment

There are many kinds of non-invasive interventions used to treat issues like a spinal deformity or overstretching, which only a physiotherapist in Gurgaon would be able to perform. When such issues arise in childhood or adolescence, it is vital that they are corrected early. While you might want to consult a pediatrician, it is quite likely you might get referred to a physiotherapist, who will know what will work better — braces, exercises, or both.

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