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Don’t allow pain to cripple you. The worst thing about a backache is that it hurts regardless of whether you stand, sit, or simply lie down. Resting might help in the short term. You need the services of a knowledgeable Physiotherapist in Darbhanga to identify what is causing you so much distress.

From strained muscles to a misalignment of the spine which might even be a slipped disc, to incorrect posture, your backache could be caused by anything. Shortening of the space between vertebrae, called spondylosis by doctors, can also cause excruciating pain in the back. It might become more noticeable when you need to lift objects from the floor or carry a heavy bag of groceries.

Benefit from Diverse Treatment Options

Once the cause of your distress has been identified, you will be presented with a range of treatment options. Suppose your back pain is being caused by a thinning of the cartilage inside the spine, better known as arthritis of the spine, then obviously meditation and mindfulness are not going to relieve the pain.

They can be part of the treatment regimen which would also include dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, and medication. However, your Physiotherapist in Darbhanga would have a better notion of how to reduce pain levels through regulated stretching and flexibility exercises, helping you improve your posture, and strengthening core strength.

Try to avoid painkillers: An important aspect of pain management is taking analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. However, your physiotherapist is likelier to recommend massage and heat treatment, rather than popping pills.

A sedentary and an overactive or strenuous lifestyle are equally capable of causing the pain. Your Darbhanga physiotherapist would guide you on finding the golden means to take some of the pressure off your back and make life more comfortable.

Overcome Functional Limitations

Remember that physiotherapy aids in overcoming functional limitations more than anything else. So, whether you literally have a pain in the neck, a frozen shoulder, or a stiff knee, there is no need to quietly suffer, and mar the quality of your life. Your physiotherapist in Darbhanga will tell you how pain can be managed — and even overcome.

Depending on the cause of the pain, and the resultant limitation of motion, you might be advised to take a hot or cold compress, rest exercises to improve range of motion, and simple exercises to strengthen muscles of the thighs, knees, the upper arms, and shoulder. Ultrasonic rays or shortwave diathermy might give significant pain relief.

Prevent Buckling of Knees

One of the biggest challenges faced by people with stiff knees is that they might buckle, or get locked. When you need to cross a busy road or negotiate several stairs. Even more embarrassing and distressing is the inability to get off the floor after you have prostrated yourself in front of your deity. While your physiotherapist in Darbhanga might suggest a studied combination of rest and walk. She will also explore other options to help you regain flexibility.

Content Reviewed by – Dr. Parmila Sharma