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Our physiotherapist in Amritsar is the latest addition to our wellness centers. As a multi-specialty facility, it caters to a wide cross-section of patients who have their unique needs. We understand your need to be physically independent. Therefore, the Physiotherapist in Amritsar focuses on how to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Physiotherapy is the best line of treatment for diverse health issues for several reasons. The most important is that it is non-invasive, and enables people to recover faster from life-changing events.

Eliminate, or at least reduce knee pain

You could have a painful knee for anything ranging from overweight, to injury, stiff muscles from too little movement, rheumatic arthritis, cartilage (meniscus) tears, and strains or tears of the ligaments, thereby causing you to hobble when walking. If the condition is compounded by an unstable knee or a fracture. You definitely need the services of a Physiotherapist in Amritsar.

If your knee is swollen in addition to being painful, first consult an orthopedist to identify the underlying cause. The inflammation could be due to an infection as certain viral strains attack the joints. The doctor will decide at what point medication needs to be complemented with physiotherapy.

Fight fat with adept physiotherapy

It would be dangerous to take additional kilos lightly as it could be setting the stage for irreversible health issues. Back pain, difficulty in walking, and bending or stretching will disappear after rehabilitative physiotherapy, especially if it is tied to a weight loss plan.

If obesity is aggravating your health problems, your Physiotherapist in Amritsar will guide you through requisite exercises, and give you the messages needed to lose weight. These massages loosen the adipose tissues to ensure that appropriate exercise will break them up.

Improve Breathing, and General Well-Being

It is vital for your health for you to be able to breathe deeply and fill your lungs with life-giving oxygen. If you have recently suffered from a stroke, or suffer from a chronic pulmonary disease, you are probably experiencing episodes of very shallow breathing which leave you very weak.

Your Physiotherapist in Amritsar can teach you breathing exercises to practice daily to improve the capacity of your lungs, thereby improving the general quality of life. Walking to the corner store to fetch household necessities will soon become a piece of cake.

Don’t Drop Everything!

The trigger finger or thumb makes it almost impossible to grasp anything. As a finger or the thumb bends and then straightens suddenly. Its underlying cause is often rheumatoid arthritis and can affect people of almost any age. The message given by a knowledgeable Physiotherapist in Amritsar eases the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. To take the pressure off the median nerve and the flexor tendons.

It might be supplemented with heat treatment in the form of ultrasound, heating pad, hydrocollator packs, or shortwave diathermy. Heat treatment is often a vital component of physiotherapy to relieve pains caused by sciatica, sprains, lumbago, and general stiffness of the muscles.

Content Reviewed by – Dr. Parmila Shrama