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10 Effective Yoga Poses Can Help PCOD

Yoga for PCOD

In this fast-growing era where everyone is busy topping the charts of success; we have certainly put our bodies at stake. We all are so busy accomplishing targets that we have forgotten to take care of ourselves. The stressful schedules, lack of time for self, and diet patterns have led to the poor functioning of our body resulting in hormonal imbalance. Nowadays, we hear a lot of people talking about PCOD. So what is PCOD??

‘PCOD’ stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disorder which is characterized by elevated androgen levels (male hormones), menstrual irregularities, and small cysts on one or both ovaries. Research suggests that 5% to 10% of females 18 to 44 years of age are affected by PCOD, making it the most common endocrine abnormality among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOD may experience weight gain, excessive hair growth, headaches, acne issues, irregular periods, or may face problems with their pregnancy.

All forms of exercise including yoga have proven to be effective in managing symptoms of PCOD. According to recent literature, yoga may help decrease testosterone levels (male hormone) and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression in women with PCOD.
Although PCOD symptoms and anxiety levels can improve with moderate aerobic exercise, yoga is accessible for many fitness levels and a wide range of ages. Also, yoga has a mindfulness component that helps promote relaxation and balanced moods.

Here are 10 yoga poses that can be performed at home and will help you manage your PCOD!!


· Strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominal core while opening the hips.
· Increases circulation and blood flow to the pelvic region, improving metabolism, and aiding digestion.


· Opens up the pelvic region and promotes relaxation that helps to reduce stress and relieve discomfort related to menstruation.


· This helps with reproduction issues, helps improve lung capacity, and helps during menstruation and pregnancy.
· Calms the brain and reduces stress and anxiety while relieving tension in the back muscles.


· Helps to stimulate the functions of the reproductive organs, relieves menstrual discomfort, and normalizes the menstrual cycles.
· Opens up the chest, neck, and shoulders and strengthens the core muscles.


· Helps modify the functions of the endocrine gland, thereby facilitating optimum hormonal secretion.
· It is also one of the functional exercises to do to lose weight fast from the stomach.


· Increases basal metabolic rate reduces fat deposition, and ultimately helps in fat reduction.
· It tones abdominal muscles and reduces abdominal fat, also increases hepatic and lipoprotein lipase which induces increase uptake of triglycerides.


· Exerts soothing pressure on the stomach and aids to stimulate the functions of the ovary.
· Helps in better digestion and reducing stress.


· It helps to relax the body and mind and relieve stress and tension in an effective manner.


· Relieves stress from menstrual cramps.
· Strengthens and stimulates abdominal organs.


· Calms the mind, brings down anxiety levels, and also relieves mild depression.

Content Reviewed by – Dr. Parmila Sharma