How to Effectively Manage Neck Pain During Work From Home?

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How to Manage Neck Pain During Work From Home?

neck pain

Neck pain- It occurs due to bad posture of the neck while working. So firstly we have to concentrate on our posture..
Like in today’s pandemic issue.. Now we are generally doing their work from home on the computer for long hours.

  1. we should sit in an erect posture.
    Nd for the neck – our computer screen should be at eye level. So that our neck muscles in relax position.
  2. for seeing a keyboard or any documents use your eyes rather than neck.
  3. needed object should be placed in our comfortable range so that we can’t move our neck so much.
  4. in every 15-20 min do some neck movements like move neck up and down and rotate both sides in an easy manner to relax torn muscle
  5. nd in every 15-2omin due some stretch in easy manner
  6. Use earphones or headphones rather than placing a phone on your ear. Because we band our neck for supporting phone. It is bad posture
Content Reviewed by – Dr. Parmila Sharma