How to manage back pain during work from home ? -

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How to manage back pain during work from home ?

Here are some points that helps to get relief from back pain during work from home –

1. Setting up your home work place – Proper office ergonomics will include correct chair height , foot rest , good desk posture helps your muscles and joints comfortable.
Choosing the right ergonomic chair is more important for back support . It improves your comfort and overall productivity .

2. Exercises and stretching at regular intervals .
3. Check your posture – Prolonged sitting and slouching posture may lead to back pain .
Remember to sit all the way back on your chair to take full advantage of lumbar support, the knee should be bend 90┬░ with feet flat assisted by foot rest .

3. See your screen height – In this eyes should be aimed at centre of screen .
4. Breath mindfully for the relaxation of body and muscles in mid and lower back .