How To Manage Back Pain During Work From Home

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How To Manage Back Pain During Work From Home ?


There are many benefits of working from home: you don’t have to go anywhere, you can spend more time with your family, and leisurely eat while you work. But not everyone is primarily adjusted to work from home. It is new to many people and requires a different kind of lifestyle.

Back pain is common whether if you work at the office or from home. Your sitting posture or lifting something the wrong way can cause an injury in your back; sitting on the unaligned furniture regularly is also not great for your back and overall body.

When working from home, people often tend to slouch on their comfortable sofa or work while laying down in their bed to feel more comfortable. Still, it is terrible for your body and often causes soreness and irritation in the shoulders, muscles, back, or neck.

While sitting in the same place for hours daily, working on your laptop can cause pain in the back and neck. Even walking in the wrong posture, a movement that causes a jerk in the back, or hunching for a long time can cause the same issues. The best way to avoid or prevent these issues is to make a few changes to your lifestyle and posture.

Changes That You Can Make In Your Lifestyle:

To work comfortably to increase productivity while taking care of your body, you need a comfortable workspace and investment in a few functional appliances perfectly aligned for you. Proper office furniture will include:

  • The correct chair height.
  • A footrest.
  • A good desk posture can help your muscles and joints stay comfortable.

Choosing the right ergonomic office chair is essential because you’ll mostly be using an office chair. Also, it would be best if you placed the chair at the right angle with your table.
This simple thing can be a difference between having back pain or having a healthy, comfortable body and overall productivity.

Movement Is Necessary :
Movement, Exercise, and stretching periodically, especially at home—is a necessary part of preserving your spinal health. Remember to not sit for long periods of time. You can also set a reminder on your mobile phone to remind you about the exercise routine. Doing stretching or yoga regularly provides your tissues with essential blood flow and may help minimize back and increase your flexibility.

Check Your Posture :
Prolonged sitting and slouching posture may lead to back pain. Remember to sit back on your chair to take full advantage of lumbar support. The knee should be bent 90° with feet flat assisted by the footrest. The proper way of sitting would be with a straight spine. The advantages of this are that it keeps the joints and bones aligned and prevents muscle fatigue.

Screen Height: 
The height of your computer shouldn’t be too high or too low. It would be best if you were sitting in a good posture, as in you should be sitting in a position that you don’t have to crank your neck or tilting to look at the computer screen.

Breathing management: Breathing properly relaxes your body, including the mid and lower back muscles. This keeps an adequate oxygen level in your blood and prevents cramps and muscle fatigue. Breathing exercises can be a great way to avoid lower back pains.

Here are some points that helps to get relief from back pain during work from home –

  • Setting up your home work place Proper office ergonomics will include correct chair height , foot rest , good desk posture helps your muscles and joints comfortable.
  • Choosing the right ergonomic chair is more important for back support . It improves your comfort and overall productivity .
  • Exercises and stretching at regular intervals .
  • Check your posture – Prolonged sitting and slouching posture may lead to back pain .
  • Remember to sit all the way back on your chair to take full advantage of lumbar support, the knee should be bend 90° with feet flat assisted by foot rest .
  • See your screen height – In this eyes should be aimed at centre of screen .
  • Breath mindfully for the relaxation of body and muscles in mid and lower back .
Content Reviewed by – Dr. Parmila Sharma