Physiotherapy Treatment for Joint Problems

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How Physiotherapy May Help With Your Joint Problems

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Physiotherapeutic healing methods are to taken to control acute joint problems, improve muscular weakness, prevent Deformities, maintain optimal functional performance

1. Flexibility programme

To maintain unrestricted, pain-free Range of motion required to perform daily living activities, to prevent injury or reinjury by means of passive stretching of 6 – 30 seconds of a stretch repeated a number of times, active stretching, and self-stretch.

2. Ergonomics

To maintain corrections during activities of daily living based on ergonomic principles .some of the postural guidance are chin tuck-in, shoulder retracted with the chest held up, isometric shoulder bracing, side bending.


To maintain the fitness of the cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal system by doing light work activities such as Strolling 1.6 km/h which requires 2.0- 4.9 kcal/min and heavy work activities as jogging 8.0 km/ h that requires 8-10 kcal/min. both activities should have 10 minutes of warm-up by doing calisthenics, static stretching, slow run.,conditioning phase of either light or heavy exercises and then 5-8 minutes of cooldown by doing calisthenics. Significant changes can take 10-12 weeks and affected by altitude, humidity, menstrual cycle, and temperature.

4.Therapeutic Gym

To maintain or improve strength, the elasticity of the ligaments, muscular strength, and bone mineralization by means of free weights, Dumbells, Theraband, Resisted tube, Medicine Ball, Physio Ball, BOSU Ball, Wobble Board, Treadmill, Ergometry Bicycle.

5. Physical modalities

To improve functional capacity by means of Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, Wax therapy, Hydrotherapy, Electrical Currents, Soundwaves


To maintain or tune the body segments by means of various starting postures in lying, sitting, and standing positions.

7.Manual therapy

To maintain soft tissue as well as joint integrity by means of Positional Release Technique, Myofascial Release, Mobilisation, Muscle Energy Technique.

Content Reviewed by – Dr. Parmila Sharma