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Health & Fitness Tips for Girls

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Staying fit can pose a few challenges for teenage girls. During this phase of life, life is so busy with school, homework, jobs and social activities. For exercise, extra timing is finding.

Teenage girls face a number of social and academic pressures that can make exercise feel too challenging. However, teenagers, these days are spending more and more time indoors, which can be quite a course for concern. Add to that habit like unhealthy eating and sitting for long hours, and you may have some serious issue at hand.
While spending time outdoors is one way of staying fit. A few key steps can help young women stay healthy and active, even with their busy schedules.

1. Limit screen time- Addiction to using gadgets cell phones, tablet devices, and computers- to spend their free times. Make sure you set rules for spending time with gadgets. And spend free times in other constructive activities.

2. Healthy snacking-Choose a healthy snack. Stick to homemade versions of popular foods like pizzas and burgers. Swap the can of soda for fresh lime juice.

3. Consider weight training- for those girls who are near to, weight training is an excellent option. Resistance exercises three days a week can improve muscle strength and power.

4. Make work out enjoyable- make sure that your work out session should be enjoyable and less boring. Try different sports as a part of physical activities every day.

5. Get out- spend some time outdoors in some games or activities. A simple walk with the dog should do just fine in the beginning.

6. Portion control- when you are at a fast food joint, concentrate on the portion smaller, frequent meal throughout the day instead of three heavy meals. It will help indigestions.

7. Plan it- fitness plan has any health benefits, specifying these days when lifestyle-related health disorders are common exercise during the teen year will ensure that you will be protected from a health condition like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Content Reviewed by – Dr. Parmila Sharma