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Getting Back In Shape Post-Delivery With Yoga


There are lots of changes that occur during pregnancy, and yoga is very beneficial to cope with these changes and helps the mother to become fit and get back into the previous body shape. There are many benefits of yoga, especially after childbirth. Yoga not only helps in strengthening your pelvic muscles but also in tightening all those loose and sagging muscles of your tummy. Yoga helps in recovering from the effects of childbirth smoothly.

  • Improving body posture: There are postural changes in the body during nine months of pregnancy, carrying the baby imbalances spine. Yoga helps in re-aligning the body posture. It helps in strengthening all the essential muscles and joints and helps the mother achieve better posture.

  • Provides strength to abdominal muscles: After delivery, abdominal muscles become flabby and weak. Yoga helps in strengthening of these muscles and reduces fat.

  • Reducing fatigue: Body aches and pain leaves the mother tired most of the times. Yoga re-energizes the muscles and reduces fatigue.

  • Weight loss: During pregnancy, all women put on some weight. Regular disciplined yoga shows good results in losing weight and getting shape after pregnancy.


  • Improving circulation and providing relaxation: Yoga focuses on deep breathing exercises, stretching and relaxing the body structures. All these movements combination improves blood circulation and oxygenation and provides deep relaxation, reduces stress and calms the body.

  • Stimulates the liver: Main functions of the liver are detoxification and cleansing of the body. It purifies the blood and removes the impurities and harmful chemicals out of the body, also helps in providing energy to the body by eliminating bad fats from the body. Yoga poses help in better functioning of the liver.

  • Activates the thyroid gland: Thyroid is the important hormone-secreting gland of body which controls metabolism.  An active metabolism helps in burning fat. Yoga helps in correcting thyroid dysfunction.

  • Toned up muscles: Yoga stretches and tones the legs and tummy and promotes the calorie burn by stimulating the body metabolism.


Content Reviewed by – Dr. Parmila Shrama

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