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Yoga for PCOD

10 Effective Yoga Poses Can Help PCOD

By October 25, 2021

In this fast-growing era where everyone is busy topping the charts of success; we have certainly put our bodies at stake. We all are so busy accomplishing targets that we…

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Cardiovascular disease

How can physiotherapy help in cardiovascular disease?

By March 19, 2021

  In India, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) are a preeminent cause of death. CVDs are attributed to a quarter of all mortality. Ischemic heart disease and strokes are the predominant factors…

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shoulder physiotherapy

Best Physiotherapy Exercises For Frozen Shoulder You Can Do at Home

By August 24, 2020

  The shoulder joint is a ball and socket type of joint between the scapula and the humerus. There are 4 major shoulder joints which leads to range of motion.…

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neck pain

How to Manage Neck Pain During Work From Home?

By July 19, 2020

  Neck pain- It occurs due to bad posture of the neck while working. So firstly we have to concentrate on our posture.. Like in today's pandemic issue.. Now we…

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How To Manage Back Pain During Work From Home ?

By July 19, 2020

  There are many benefits of working from home: you don't have to go anywhere, you can spend more time with your family, and leisurely eat while you work. But…

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Joint Pain

10 Amazing Tips to Get Relief from Joint Pain in Winter

By February 27, 2020

  For many of us, especially seniors, winter may be cozy, but also painful. Many describe winters as cold, tight, achy, and painful. Through various surveys, it has been found…

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body pian

How to Check If your Pain or Injury Requires Physiotherapy Treatment

By February 22, 2020

  What is a physiotherapist's expertise? Physiotherapy is one of the prevalent forms of treatment offered to people who are suffering from server pain and difficulties in mobility. People who…

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Joint Pain

Your Best Defense Against Joint Pain

By January 22, 2020

  In today's times, self-care has become very important to stay fit and healthy. It also helps you in staying away from various harmful diseases, daily stress, and work pressure.…

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Getting Back In Shape Post-Delivery With Yoga

By July 26, 2019

There are lots of changes that occur during pregnancy, and yoga is very beneficial to cope with these changes and helps the mother to become fit and get back into…

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Pregnant Lady

What is Pregnancy Massage Therapy ?

By July 15, 2019

  Pregnancy massage therapy is a wonderful choice for a mother during prenatal care. It is also known as prenatal massage therapy, and this is very useful, especially for pregnant…

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Knee Pain

Best Exercises For Knee Arthritis

By April 20, 2019

  Heel Raise: Stand with holding back of a chair for support. Lift your both heels off the ground and hold this position for 3-5 seconds an then slowly lowers…

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Few Essential Food For Regaining Strength After Injuries And Physiotherapy

By April 16, 2019

Recovery from Acute or Overuse Injury depends on several factors:- Involvement of type of tissue (bone, nerve, muscle, cartilage, joint, tendon, ligament, skin) Nutrition Restoration of soft tissue function Adequate…

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Lower Limb

Common Sporting Injuries Of Lower Limb

By April 02, 2019

1. ANKLE SPRAIN: An ankle sprain is an injury to one or more ligaments attached to the ankle joints. Ankle sprain results from a direct fall, a sudden twist or…

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10 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Beneficial

By March 26, 2019

1. PAIN MANAGEMENT: A physical therapist is an expert not only in treating pain, but also its source. Exercises and manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilization or modalities like…

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5 Effective Tips For Choosing The Best Physiotherapy Clinic

By March 23, 2019

  1. Qualification Of The Physiotherapist: Make sure that you crosscheck the qualification of your Physiotherapist earlier than your treatment begins. The Physiotherapist providing treatments should be trained or registered…

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knee pain

How Physiotherapy May Help With Your Joint Problems

By February 28, 2019

  Physiotherapeutic healing methods are to taken to control acute joint problems, improve muscular weakness, prevent Deformities, maintain optimal functional performance 1. Flexibility programme To maintain unrestricted, pain-free Range of…

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physiotherapist in gurgaon

How To Choose The Right Physiotherapist

By February 18, 2019

It is very important to choose the right physiotherapist if you are in seek of physiotherapy treatment. The first exact step in choosing the right physiotherapist for you is to…

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foot massage

7 Everyday Healing Methods Your Physiotherapist Can Do For You

By February 18, 2019

1. Eliminate Pain - Exercises and manual therapy techniques such as joint and mobilization or modalities like ultrasound, taping can help to relieve pain and restore muscle and joint pain-free…

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Back Pain

Ways to Overcome Back Pain During Pregnancy

By January 08, 2019

  Back pain is one of the most common symptoms among pregnant women. In some women, it starts early in pregnancy and remains through the nine months of pregnancy. Some…

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Mother And Daughter

How to ensure that your children exercise & provide them a Healthy Life.

By December 29, 2018

Children mostly spend lots of time into car seats or in front of the T.V. This sedentary lifestyle of children will prevent them from practising their emerging motor skills and…

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Pregnant Exercise

High-Risk Pregnancy and Exercise

By December 22, 2018

A pregnancy is considered high risk when there are potential complications that could affect the mother, the baby or both. The reason that a pregnancy may be considered high-risk includes-…

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Joint Pain

Six Symptoms You Should Not Ignore Of Joint Pain

By December 15, 2018

Joints are the part of the body where bones meet and help in movement. Joint Pain is due to many causes like arthritis, bursitis, gout, tendinitis, an injury, certain infections,…

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A Girl is Running

Health & Fitness Tips for Girls

By December 10, 2018

  Staying fit can pose a few challenges for teenage girls. During this phase of life, life is so busy with school, homework, jobs and social activities. For exercise, extra…

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Holding Weight

Shoulder Joint Exercises and Stretches

By July 26, 2016

The shoulder of a human being is made of three different bones, which are the humerus (upper arm bone), the clavicle (collarbone), and the scapula (shoulder blade). A shoulder joint…

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knee pain

Simple Exercises to Manage Knee Pain

By August 24, 2016

  The pain of Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) or the pain after Knee Replacement Surgery can never be described in words. To make the knee move is probably the last thing…

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Yoga Exercise

Simple Cervical Pain Exercise

By August 15, 2016

  Neck pain can occur due to a number of reasons & disorders. The neck pain or cervical pain sometimes gets worsened with movement of the neck or turning the…

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Simple Exercises to Manage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Simple Exercises to Manage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

By August 05, 2016

  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD is a kind of lung disease due to which a patient finds it hard to breathe. The major cause of COPD is smoking.…

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Simple Exercises to Manage Ankle Joints Pain

By August 27, 2016

The ankle joint is where three bones meet -- the tibia (shin) and fibula (thin bone outside of leg) and the talus (ankle bone) above your heel. Ankle muscles and…

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Pregnant Women

Pre and Post Natal Exercises Guidelines

By August 18, 2016

  To maintain good health and quality of life, several pregnant women wish to continue with their exercise regimen. Here are the list of benefits for performing pre natal and…

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Basic Exercises To Manage Vestibular Disorder

By August 12, 2016

  The damage to the vestibular system that helps control balance and eye movements leads to common symptoms like dizziness and lack of balance. To improve balance and reduce dizziness-related…

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Hip Joint Pain Exercise

Simple Exercises to Manage Hip Joint Pain

By August 03, 2016

  These exercises will help you increase strength and blood circulation while relieving hip pain and blood circulation. Dos and Don’ts to Protect Your Hip!! Hip replacement surgery offers hope…

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Thoracic And Chest Pain Exercises

Basic Exercises to Manage Thoracic And Chest Pain

By July 30, 2016

  The thoracic spine gives stability and protection to the internal organs and the chest area. Thoracic back pain can be caused as a result of trauma, sudden injury or…

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Stressed Man

Basic Exercises To Manage Back Pain

By July 22, 2016

  Acute lower back pain is caused due to a back muscle strain or ligament strain. Lifting a heavy object, twisting, or a sudden movement can cause muscles or ligaments…

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Exercise For Elbow Joint Pain

Basic Exercises To Manage Elbow Joint Pain

By July 22, 2016

  An injury in upper extremity or elbow can be treated with the skilled services of a physical therapist. If your doctor approves, perform certain at-home stretching exercises to increase…

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A Girl is working On Laptop

Ergonomics in Daily Life

By July 22, 2016

  What is Ergonomics? Ergonomics can be simply defined as the study of people's efficiency in their surroundings. It is the relation between the human body and its work that…

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